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28 novembre 2007 3 28 /11 /novembre /2007 13:40

On envoie également la version anglaise des propos tenus par le journaliste italien Max Bono à tous les euro-députés de Grande Bretagne et des Pays Bas


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Cadiz: where did your soul go?

Cadiz, thought by some to be the oldest city in Europe, founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians. A city which during the 18th century when it enjoyed 75% of Spanish trade with America. From this time it grew into one of the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities in Spain.

Would you ever believe that such a city, with a tradition that goes back to the beginning of man’s history, is the theatre of brutal human and animal rights repression? Worse in an environment that looks at the other side, where local and nacional press seem to ignore what is happening whereas the local people do not care about it at all?

What are you talking about? you are certainly asking yourself my reader.

Well I am talking about the kennel –lager you guys have in Cadiz where dogs and cats are sterminated with your consent and money.

You do not believe it? By doing a little search on the net on the kennel Port Royal, there are plenty of news on this shameful place. From the beginning of the year till 31 of august 2007 only 566 animals were killed there, presumably for asphixia after being injected a paralizing drug. Only in August 136 dogs and cats.

A disuman treatment. A track record of an extermination camp. For the whole province of Cadiz. Are there no animal rights in Cadiz?

16 cities of the province pay the owner of this extermination camp, who prides himself to be a defensor of animal rights. These are known things. And what do people of these cities say about it? Nothing. I ask myself:

Cadiz: where did your soul go?

An Italian guy Simone Righi comes with her woman Jo and his three dogs in Cadiz. He loves them like sons (that’s the way he calls them). He takes them from Italy all the way to Cadiz in Spain. But he cannot always move around with them. He asks the municipality of Cadiz about a place where he can leave his dogs. And the municipality gives the name of  kennel Port Royal. When he goes back to the kennel his dogs are dead. Exterminated. He is revolted. Would you not be so, my dear citizen of Cadiz, if somebody killed your sons?

Simone and Jo, totally desperate, were unwilling not to doing anything, and after contact with associations animalist (Animal Protective Association "The Hiding Place") on October 7 2007 a demonstration of protest is organized in Cadiz attended by about two thousand people denouncing the killing of dogs in the kennel Port Royal (also called "Shelter"). The protest is also against the Major of Cadiz, Teófila Martínez, because the City of Cadiz is the one that subsidizes and outsources the "services" of this kennel to contain the canine census. Along with other 15 municipalities.

The demonstration was peaceful and was being held on the day of the Patron of Cadiz in front of the church where Mayor Teófila Martinez is praying with the remaining councilors. But Teófila Martínez, the major, does not seem to be a woman willing to talk.

She does not want her day to be wasted by some demonstrators, some of them even from abroad. I do not question your willingness to vote such a woman. It is your problem.

But, as an Italian, if another Italian is imprisoned for about 50 days for pushing her slightly  I say it is my problem.You do not believe it? Look at this video:


Things like these do happen in dictatorships not in democracies. What is Spain? A dictatorship?

Simone has a tumor. He has been in prison for long. For similar things you usually go in prison in the morning and get out in the afternoon. This is not his case. After more than a month the judge decided that he had to pay 9000 Euros if he wanted to get out of jail.

The other protestor who was jailed, a Spanish girl, was freed after paying 3000 Euros, 3 times less. Why? Are you racist against foreigners in Cadiz? Is this European Union or an obscure dictatorship from South America?

Simone had his dogs killed, got in jail for 50 days and he is still there. And what do the people of Cadiz or even the free and indipendent press from there and from the whole of Spain? Nothing.

Shame on you. And shame on the Italian government which does not pay the misery of 9000 euros to free Simone. Like it was a poor country. Italy is one of the 5 most developped countries in the world. But when it comes to Italian citizens it behave like one of the poorest in the world.

Law has been broken, say the critics of Simone’s behavior. Well do have a look at the video and then tell me if his behaviour justifies 50 days in jail.

The same question comes back to me: Cadiz: where did your soul go?

Max Bono

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